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April 29th, 2013, 6:08 pm

2 Year anniversary!

Hi everyone! As of May, Wootlabs is two years old! And what do we do when a comic about penguins and robot cats turns two years old? GIVE OUT PHAT LEWT!

Throughout May we'll be running a contest. All you have to do to enter is send an Email with info I'll request at the end of this. At the end of May we'll be pulling out a few random winners for the following prizes:

3 Grand Prize Winners receive: A Wootlabs T-shirt, a set of Wootlabs prints, and a full color picture of a character of your choosing in the Wootlabs art style. Anyone you like! Your character, you yourself, sky's the limit!

Multiple Runner Ups Receive: The Wootlabs prize pack above. (T-shirt, and a set of prints.)

How do you enter? Send an E-mail to this adress: woot_labs@hotmail.com with "Contest Entry" in the subject, and the following info in the body. Make sure to fill out all the info!

    Your name

    T-Shirt Size

    And finally, name a character that you'd like to see more of in the comic. This'll help me plan future issues, by gauging which characters people respond to.

Also! Artists! As a special bonus, people that submit Wootlabs art during May will receive a garaunteed runner-up package (shirt and prints) with a special, sekrit thank you included!

(If by some weird chance I run out of shirts; there's substitution prizes.) Remember, send those E-mails to woot_labs@hotmail.com

Anyway, that's it! Thanks for making Wootlabs a fun two years. Hoping for a lot more to come!

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