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diceknight, 09 Nov 2015 03:27 pm

I'll say this, folks. :o Getting old obliterates your energy and your ability to multitask. Hope this comic sheds some light on things, and assures you that Wootlabs isn't dead! Be back with more soon!

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XD021 (Guest), 09 Nov 2015 03:49 pm

It cool Take your time. We can wait.

man in black, 09 Nov 2015 08:07 pm

No Worries take care of what you need to, we will wait

StubbornVirus, 12 Nov 2015 08:25 am

I know the feeling. These things take time. Don't worry about it.

RealmMisfit (Guest), 21 May 2016 05:40 pm

Now sad... Recently found this comic and blazed my way through it. Great characters, great story, and hilarious humour... It saddens me to see when it was last updated but hope remains.

Gamaran Sepudomyn (Guest), 24 May 2016 04:17 pm

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it updates soon, since its five-year anniversary is coming up.

Gamaran Sepudomyn (Guest), 27 May 2016 08:08 am

Really hope we get an update today. I mean, what's a better time to restart the comic then its five-year anniversary?

diceknight, 27 May 2016 04:34 pm

@RealmMisfit and @Gamaran Sepudomyn

First off, thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you both enjoyed it. :) To answer some questions yes, I do plan on continuing Wootlabs...it's just been a bit of a rough road over the past year. Some real life and professional obligations as well as some health oriented issues have kept me away. I love working on the comic, and one day I really do want to return to it.

Sorry there's nothing for the five year anniversary; all I can really offer is my apologies. Life can throw you some curve balls sometimes, but I'm hoping that one day I'll get back to it.

Gamaran Sepudomyn (Guest), 28 May 2016 09:35 am

@diceknight: Just knowing that you haven't forgotten about the comic is substantially better than most of the other hiatus-d comics I've read, to be honest.

Calico Jack (Guest), 28 May 2016 07:23 pm

Wow, the author speaks...I was about to write this off after so long, to be honest.

(Insert Bee Gees singing "Stayin' Alive" here.)

alexob6, 14 Oct 2016 06:40 pm

Just a quick poke to check in, make sure everything's alive here (I get uncomfortable when even the comment section becomes inactive on a hiatus-d comic).
Also @diceknight: I find it hilarious that, whilst you speak kind, reassuring, and apologetic words to us, we have Alice glaring at us threateningly from your avatar.

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